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Hi everyone!

Did you know about the "SONG FOR....." contest held at :iconrock-musical-bleach:?

If you're interested in joining their contest (and win some really amazing prizes), please read the following rules:

What do you need to do?
Choose a song (it could be from the musicals, from the anime titles or just a song that really inspires you) and dedicate it to a character or characters from Bleach. Create a piece of art that shows why the song is perfect for them.

What's allowed or not allowed?

1. Art must be new. Don't submit something that's been sitting in your gallery for ages!
2. Art must be your own.
3. Art must be submitted to the new CONTEST folder.
4. In the description, make sure you link to :iconrock-musical-bleach:
5. In the description, include the title of the song and the artist (or let us know if it is from the musical).
6. In the description, include some of the lyrics from the song. You don't have to write all of them. Just those you feel are relevant. We're primarily an English-language group, so, if the lyrics are in another language, please translate them.
7. Submit before the deadline.
8. Oh yeah, and before I forget the totally obvious, the character/s the song is dedicated to need to be from BLEACH!!

Ok - so what can I win?
:bulletred: 1st: Ichigo hollow mask on a chain and other little Bleach goodies.
:bulletred: 2nd: RMBleach poster and other little Bleach goodies.
:bulletred: 3rd: Little manga goodie bag.

And when is the deadline?
The deadline will be 6pm GMT 1st July 2012

Make sure to check out the group's journal for updates on the contest! rock-musical-bleach.deviantart…
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Mature Content

Grimmichi (28) by TheBlastvampire
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2nd contest - OC x Bishie
Summer Fun (Bleach OC Crazyness) by Amadalia
New Company by sofonisbasaki
Caught by surprise by Torrents-Rain

Group Info

Each member of the crew is a fangirl of a different Bleach male character. Which Bleach character is YOUR favourite? We would love to meet you!
Founded 6 Years ago
Jul 6, 2010


Group Focus
Fan Club

595 Members
507 Watchers
17,166 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews


Now accepting Bleach related Affiliates!


Fangirl list

Due to time differences and work / real life interfering with DA time, some characters may already be taken even though it is not yet updated on this list.

If we receive 2 notes for the same character, the first note wins the claim and the 2nd one can either select a different character or enter a challenge for the character (see challenge rules).

Every character that's not on the list, is available!
Also, please note: You can only claim One character.

Human world
:icontetsuk0: Urahara
:iconyavyxie: Ichigo
:iconandrillian: Uryu
:iconkittydeagle: Chad
:iconokami-seishou: Mizuiro

:iconrawr-dragon: Renji
:iconsilver-zytan: Byakuya
:icono-akilove-o: Shunsu
:iconnoahfan736: Ikkaku
:iconeternal-dream66: Hisagi
:iconshirou349: Toshiro
:icon0littlegirldeath0: Gin
:iconze-rofruits: Yumichika
:iconmuffinivorous: Aizen
:iconmekishiko-jin: Kenpachi
:iconkiari-sama: Izuru
:icontorrents-rain: Sakakibe
:iconcelste99: Hanataro
:iconcoloringtherain: Kaien
:iconnejirenji15: Ukitake

:iconsempi-is-an-angel: Grimmjow
:iconpremonition1004: Ulquiorra
:iconhollowninetales696: Szayel
:iconnyanko87: Starrk
:iconvinceandcloud4ever: Nnoitra
:iconorganizationsheart: Tesla
:iconfightsforfun: Ilfort Granz

:iconhybridinsurgency: Shinji
:iconrocket-out: Kensei

Zanpakuto spirits
:iconglacyroserade: Tensa Zangetsu
:iconintrovertabrae: Kazeshini
:iconmagnolia-belle: Hyorinmaru

:iconnynjakat: Hollow Ichigo


:iconcorky-cat: Noba
:iconyupuffin: Mabashi

:iconcaribouandcake615: Tsukishima
:iconerilypse: Yukio

:iconpurpleblaziken: Arturo
:iconmizashi: Kokuto
:iconmiss-solita: Shuren


WELCOME to Bleach-fangirls-crew
Each member of the crew is a fangirl of a different Bleach male character. Which Bleach character is YOUR favourite? We would love to meet you!

:bulletyellow: :pointr: CLICK HERE to see our FANGIRLS list! :pointl: :bulletyellow:
Has YOUR favourite already been claimed???


We would love you to join! Just hit the "Join this group" button at the top of the page and you will be automatically approved!


We are looking for submissions of:

:bulletblue: Bleach Universe Fanart and Bleach OC Fanart

:bulletblue: Bleach Universe Plushies, Stamps, Free-use Avatars

:bulletblue: Bleach Universe Cosplay Photos

All work submitted must be FINISHED and NEAT.

PLEASE - No WIPS, scraps, scruffy doodles or sketches, pics on lined paper, roughs or in-appropriate work. This is a GROUP GALLERY so only your best finished works will be displayed here.







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